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Sorry for no response to all of your comments, it’s because I’ve moved to my own domain. This blog will not have the usual post update (I’ll post here occasionally)

As for my current blog, please visit SkeithLabs Blog

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Sorry for no updates ~…

***Currently hibernating and retrieving more ideas — I’ve lost all the ideas T_T — help me on inspiration — Please wait for next big updates***

Brain Fog – The fog is invisible

What is Brain Fog? Perhaps that question is come in the first place when you read the title, it’s the same with suya when suya found an article talking about it. It was on Detikinet suya found this Brain Fog term.

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AntiVirus Test

Do you worried about your Antivirus program? Do you worried that the Antivirus isn’t working properly? Even after an update or upgrade? No need to worry, there are two answers for those problems

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YahDecode – Decoding Yahoo Messenger Archive

As we all know, Yahoo Messenger is one of a lot of choice for chatting application. The only limitation is that YM can be used for Yahoo and MSN [ new feature ] community, while other chat application provide more. However the power of YM is not dimmed. What we will talk about now is regarding the archiving feature of Yahoo Messenger Continue reading ‘YahDecode – Decoding Yahoo Messenger Archive’

Are you an Otaku? use lolifox!

Are you an Otaku? Do you Anime and those echhi and cosplay girls ? Then you’re the same with me ^_^ “yeah, Ecchi Lovers” “shut up” Do you have any problem when searching animes, mangascan, and other anime sites? Be happy, because Altimit Development has release their lolifox version 0.3.2 What is lolifox? Continue reading ‘Are you an Otaku? use lolifox!’

How to fetch an embedded media

Well most of you may aware with embedded media like the YouTube [ video ] and/or Imeem [ multimedia ] service. But not all people know how to download the embedded media.

Guest : “At last you post something useful”
Suya Lynx : “whatever”

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About Suya Lynx

Suya Lynx that was my Net nickname and used to use it as the substitute of I, My, and Me. Suya might has a minor depressive disorder characteristic however suya do optimist for some reason ^_^ Enjoying playing games, watching anime and doing anything with computer. Currently suya on project building websites and learning some programming language [ yeah programming ] it's hard but it's suya's dream to make own software

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